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Drying Machines ready for use and shoes on a counter top

Clearwater Water Damage Mitigation

Our SERVPRO technicians have many pieces of drying equipment that they can unleash in order to mitigate the water damage in your home. These green air movers, axial fans, and dehumidifiers are just some of the industry-grade gear available and stocked on our Green Fleet.

Home with flood cuts and SERVPRO drying equipment

Some Times Small Scale Demo Is Needed For A Better Result

After major water damage in this home, SERVPRO technicians were able to extract the water and then scoped the property to determine how far into the sheetrock the water had gotten. Mold was found during this process and the techs performed the remediation at the same time. A large area of sheetrock and flooring needed removal so the drying process could be completed.

Dirty crawlspace filled with soil

Mold Found During A Demolition

Our SERVPRO crew has big plans for this crawlspace. This home's undercarriage will be treated to encapsulation to prevent water seepage and keep the crawlspace dryer. This will also provide a much healthier environment for the air that may infiltrate into the above living areas.

Open wall that shows mold and water stains

Mold And Water Damage

Moisture from a leak occurs in your home it can result in the demolition of non-salvageable materials. Your SERVPRO team recommends giving us a call as soon as you see any water staining. We can quickly mitigate the damage and save you time, money, and disruptions.

 Mulitiple water damage drying units deployed at a utility company

No Matter How Large The Disaster SERVPRO Can Handle It!

Whether it is small-scale property damage or large-scale commercial property disaster SERVPRO of Clearwater North, Safety Harbor is there to handle it. This utility company suffered major water damage when water was left running all night. This large-scale damage was quickly and easily handled.